Growth Strategy 2023

Sika’s growth strategy with clearly defined targets ensures long-term, sustainable success. Sustainability targets are fully aligned with the corporate strategy.


With its defined sustainability targets for the reduction of energy and water consumption, as well as waste, Sika will be minimizing its need for resources and the environmental impacts of the production process. Sika’s overriding goal is to reduce CO2 emissions per ton sold by 12% by 2023.

Market Penetration

One strategic pillar of Strategy 2023 is to increase market penetration. Growth drivers include targeted sales of a comprehensive product portfolio with complete systems, increased presence in the distribution channels, key project management, and the continued expansion in emerging markets.


By 2023 the company aims to generate 25% of sales with products that have been launched on the market in the last five years. Innovation at Sika is always determined by the needs of customers. These needs feed into both fundamental and applied research. Furthermore, the company has committed itself to ensuring that every new product must offer a higher performance as well as additional sustainability benefits. Already today, Sika offers its clients a broad spectrum of environmentally friendly product technologies.

Operational Efficiency

To a significant extent, the improvement in margins will be achieved through operational efficiency. Projects in the areas of operations, logistics, procurement, and product formulation should result in an annual improvement in operating expenses equivalent to 0.5% of sales.


Acquisitions are an important element of Sika’s growth strategy, enabling the company to enhance its core business with complementary technologies, improved market access, or expanded distribution channels. The focused approach allows Sika to establish the acquired businesses as platforms for additional growth.


Sika’s strong corporate culture lays the foundation for its success. Customer First, Courage for Innovation, Sustainability & Integrity, Empowerment & Respect, and Manage for Results – these are the values that drive business activity and are put into action by employees every single day, all around the globe.

World Map

Strong global position

World market leader in construction chemicals

Enabler of sustainable construction and mobility

Maximum proximity to the customer

Leading adhesive producer for construction and manufacturing industries

First mover in emerging markets (40% of sales)

Significant potential for structural growth

Leading global brand

Entrepreneurial company culture   

Solid financial position (A- rating)

more than
national subsidiaries
factories worldwide
more than
patents filed in 2022

Sika enables sustainable construction and mobility

The construction sector is facing a serious challenge - climate change. Studies show that the construction and building sector accounts for close to 40% of global CO2 emissions. The automotive industry is facing an equally big challenge, as road traffic is responsible for one fifth of the world's greenhouse gases.

At the same time this is a tremendous opportunity, as the potential for progress is immense. Sika is an enabler of this vital transformation.

Sika offers solutions to improve products and processes in many areas, from admixtures for low-emission concrete to facade systems for energy-efficient buildings and adhesives for environmentally-friendly vehicles. Thanks to its drive for innovation, Sika is set to make a crucial contribution to overcoming the challenges of the future.

Sika has solutions for all markets

Sika is ideally positioned to profit from all phases of the construction life-cycle.

Emerging Markets: mainly new build, focus on infrastructure construction which requires international building standards.

Developing Markets: market education and increase of building standards drive demand for more sophisticated solutions.

Mature Markets: mainly refurbishment, Sika offers the whole range of technologies needed for repair and refurbishment.

Sika Solutions for all Markets
Second Penang Bridge in Malaysia

Sika's market potential

Fragmented global industry offers significant growth potential.

  • Sika as the largest construction chemicals company worldwide with a global market share below 10%
  • Plenty of room to grow

Megatrends driving social and ecological transformation

Sika aligns its medium to long-term growth strategy with six important megatrends: digitalization, rising growth momentum, climate change, demographic change, urbanization, and technological progress. The company identifies entrepreneurial opportunities in fundamental social and economic development trends, thereby actively shaping the process of change.

The expansion of megacities