3D Printing Solutions by Sika

Courage for Innovation

Sika’s long history of innovation has led to unparalleled success in becoming a recognized global technology leader in many markets by creating value for customers throughout the world. While constantly investing in Sika Technology Centers around the world, the company also nurtures and develops an international network of scientists, partners, suppliers, and customers.

Sustainability as Innovation Driver

Sustainability as Innovation Driver

Sustainability is an essential driver in developing competitive solutions for demanding markets and emerging customer needs. Sika focuses its Research & Development (R&D) activities on generating long-term customer benefits in line with sustainability principles. It is the strategic target of Sika to innovate with developments that enable sustainable construction and transportation solutions that directly contribute to lowering the environmental footprint along the value chain.

Sustainability has become the key driver for R&D projects at Sika. It encompasses the quest for alternative, renewable materials, low carbon solutions, new recycling concepts, more efficient production methods like modular building, resource efficiency, health and safety at the workplace and in living spaces, enhanced flexibility in product application and production, and digitally enhanced product solutions and applications.

Sika enables Sustainable Construction and Innovation

Sustainable solutions for concrete


Sika offers cost-optimized solutions, purpose designed for the particular cement and application, and subject to individual fine-tuning in ready-mixed and precast concrete plants, or on the job site.   



Sika offers tailor-made highly durable Roofing solutions, that have stood the test of time – saving energy and resources as well as cost over the life time of a building.




Sika provides flooring systems that use less energy and resources by comparison with other technologies and systems. This leads to a reduced carbon footprint.




Sika Solutions are redefining sustainability with environmentally sensitive products that deliver higher ROI while helping to achieve sustainability goals — energy efficiency, lower carbon footprint, greenhouse gas reduction and waste minimization.

Sealing and bonding solutions


Sika offers sealing and bonding solutions for building envelopes, floors, and civil engineering constructions, as well as interior finishing.

Glass facade construction of Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg with Sikasil adhesives and sealants


Adhesives and sealants play a major role in the functionality, performance and durability of a façade and fenestration solution.

Automotive Aftermarket auto glass replacement application with a manual gun containing adhesive


Sika is supplier and development partner to the automotive industry. State-of-the-art technologies provide solutions for increased structural performance, added acoustic comfort, and improved production processes.  

Target Market Refurbishment


This segment features repair, strengthening and protective solutions for concrete structures. 

Customer Centricity

Sika’s research and development activities are carried out by 1,240 employees (2020: 1,085) across 21 global Technology Centers as well as 55 local and 20 regional research and development facilities. The research program targets the development of proprietary technology that provides both performance and sustainability benefits and thus allows Sika’s product platforms to respond to global trends such as resourcesaving building methods, energy-efficient and low-emission construction materials, high-speed manufacturing processes, modular construction, and lighter and safer vehicles.

Key projects focus on high performance molecules with tailored features, smart refining techniques for polymers and surfaces, renewable and bio-based materials including recycling processes and sustainable construction methods, and digitalized manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing, allowing not only high-precision automation but also individualized production of complex components and structures, both in the laboratory and in full-size production. Sika’s objective is to help customers meet the challenges they face today by launching new products in response to tighter climate-related and chemical regulations, increased sustainability awareness among their customers, and shortage of skilled labor. Sika is doing this by developing new solutions that are easy and efficient to apply and have an optimized environmental footprint.