There are significant global shifts underway that are making it essential to be as agile and innovative as possible. Six megatrends are fueling market opportunities and influencing the way Sika operates. These include digitalization, emerging market growth, climate change, urbanization, automation, and demographic change.

City of Skyscrapers


By 2050, around 70% of the world population is expected to be living in an urban center. Sika’s products are essential for “smart cities” characterized by high living standards, including clean air, digitalization, connectivity, and the efficient use of space to minimize resource consumption.

Climate Change

The company has consistently aligned its organization with sustainable development. It makes resource-efficient solutions available to its customers and strives to reduce its own CO2 footprint on an ongoing basis.

Close up texture of Sika 3D concrete printed element


Sika benefits from the surge in demand in e-commerce as well as the increasing need for IT infrastructure such as data centers. Digitalization is also revolutionizing the construction and manufacturing sectors through 3D printing and digital support tools that increase accuracy and save time.


Automation is changing the way we build our world. Today, robots are becoming more capable of complicated tasks, which is altering the future of work in the construction sector. With its innovative products and systems, Sika is accelerating technological progress on construction sites.

World’s first robot-assisted technology that allows complex reinforced concrete structures to be produced without formwork
Steigende Wirtschaftsdynamik in Asien und Afrika

Demographic Change

Sika’s solutions for increasing the efficiency of construction and production processes can significantly help cushion the shortage of personnel resources.

Emerging Market Growth

The fastest-growing areas of the world today are in emerging markets. That’s why Sika is expanding into these markets to help improve critical infrastructure, including water treatment, sanitation, and the durability of buildings.

Steigende Wirtschaftsdynamik in Asien und Afrika