Long-lasting success is achieved when an organization attracts and retains the confidence of customers and society at large. Understanding the current and future needs of customers allows Sika to achieve sustainable success over time, and this is why “Customer First” is one of Sika’s five core values.

Customer feedback

Sika countries rely on a single platform to collect customer feedback. This allows the company to create visually engaging, branded, mobile-ready customer surveys and associate the survey responses with data. The platform offers a range of templates for featured surveys, customer success, customer service, employee engagement, marketing feedback, product feedback and sales feedback. 

Sika started rolling out the platform across all regions in 2022. EMEA and North America have developed ad hoc strategies, while Latin America has integrated the platform with WhatsApp to deliver NPS results. Platform use in the Asia/Pacific region is still in its first stages, but the plan is to make sure all countries align and use this platform regularly in the near future. The ultimate goal is to create local and regional dashboards across all Sika countries to monitor and compare performance, and make sure the corporate team provides support whenever necessary.

Training for customers

Sika is not only selling products, but also integrated solutions, providing training to customers on how to best apply Sika products and how to choose the best solution based on their needs. In response to COVID-19 pandemic, most trainings were moved to a virtual learning environment, and Sika benefited from its digital platform that allows the presentations of innovative technologies and products to carry on uninterrupted.

Customer trainings can be assigned to three main categories: to transfer generic knowledge; to explain a specific product or its application; and to introduce to the application of new technical developments at congresses. These trainings are usually carried out in collaboration with regional and local Sika entities, enabling customization based on local markets and customers’ needs. 

Trainings can be held at the customer site, within a Sika facility, or online. In every training, Sika aims to fully engage customers and ensure the collection of valuable feedback. At the end of each training, customers are usually asked to answer a questionnaire, which exposes their impressions regarding quality of training content, quality of training tools, and the frequency and content of future trainings.