Sustainability Strategy 2019 - 2023

The strong performance of Sika is founded on the company’s entrepreneurial philosophy and the Sika Spirit, which is a synonym for the set of five values and principles that make up the DNA and culture of the company: Customer First, Courage for Innovation, Sustainability and Integrity, Empowerment and Respect, and Manage for Results. 

The Sika’s Strategy 2023 was developed and launched in 2019. It encompasses both financial and non-financial targets. The new integrated Strategy 2028 will be presented in October 2023.

Sustainability Performance Against Targets
Sustainability Performance Against Targets

Net Zero Pledge

In 2022, Sika initiated a net zero project to develop a roadmap with GHG emissions abatement targets. The findings of the net zero project will flow into the Strategy 2028 development process. During the first phase of the net zero project, Sika conducted a high-level assessment to identify potential decarbonization levers. Starting from the official commitment date – September 16, 2022 – the company has up to 24 months to submit its targets for SBTi validation. The commitment focuses on two time horizons for both scope 1&2 and scope 3 with a near-term interim target in 10 years (2032), and a net zero target by 2050. 

Management and Organization

Over the past two years, Sika has strengthened its sustainability organization, defining new roles and responsibilities throughout all levels of the organization. 

Sika Sustainability Governance
Chief Innovation & Sustainability Officer
"Sustainability drives innovation and permeates our entire organization. It is both a mindset guiding us to be more respectful and resourceful in all our endeavors and a prerequisite for us to move towards the world of tomorrow. We aim to create added value for all stakeholders - with our sustainable solutions, close collaboration along the entire value chain, active community engagement, and our highly motivated and dedicated employees." Patricia Heidtman, Chief Innovation and Sustainability Officer

Materiality Matrix - Foundation for Strategy Development

Between 2021-2022, Sika conducted a new materiality analysis, focusing on potential ESGE - environmental, social, governance and economically-material topics, to capture the sustainability impact, dependencies, risks, and opportunities of Sika’s operations, products, and services, along the entire value chain. The analysis resulted in the selection of 29 out of over 100 potential material topics and was approved by the Board of Directors in May 2022.

Sika Materiality Matrix 2022

Biodiversity and Nature: After reviewing the analysis conducted between 2021/2022, the positioning of the topic “Biodiversity and Nature” on the x-axis was adjusted to reflect the actual scoring (2.9). According to the Sika methodology, the topics were scored from 1 to 5 and the scoring scale of the matrix is: Low (1-2), Medium (2-3), High (3-4), Very high (4-5).