Sika stands for high quality, innovation, and customer service - building trust every day.

The Sika Purpose

Sika’s purpose is to anticipate and meet future challenges by providing reliable, innovative, sustainable, and long-lasting solutions in the construction, building, and manufacturing industries. In everything we do, we provide a seal of quality which our employees, customers, and all stakeholders can rely on – building trust every day.

The Sika Brand

Team Sika Ecuador

The name Sika conjures up many things. Stability. Continuity. Innovation. Forward-thinking. Sustainable. Trustworthy. These are some of the words that people naturally associate with the brand. Customers throughout the world know that they will receive quality and service wherever they see the Sika logo. The founder Kaspar Winkler established the Sika name and logo over a century ago. The cheerful yellow color evokes the place where most Sika products are used – a construction site. Sika’s trademark has proven to be an asset during the Group’s decades-long expansion.


Worldwide Trademark Protection

Given the widespread awareness of the Sika brand, particularly the graphic word trademark, the company prioritizes a consistent and standardized use of the logo and the associated corporate image guidelines and verifies compliance with them. Over the years, many industrial copycats have attempted to replicate Sika’s branding and positioning, which highlights its enormous intangible value.

The Sika umbrella brand, and many Sika product trademarks, such as Sika® ViscoCrete®, SikaBond®, or Sikaflex®, sharpen the company’s competitive edge. Hence the crucial role of trademark protection as a management task, performed both globally at Group level and locally at national level. In total, Sika held 10,258 trademark registrations in 153 countries at the end of 2022. Sika continuously monitors its trademarks and takes appropriate legal action in cases of infringement.

Corporate Identity

Sika’s strong corporate identity gives the company’s public face a consistent and modern look. The aim of the corporate identity is to achieve a clear-cut positioning of the brand based on uniform corporate design guidelines. A visual language and system that unifies the user experience across all platforms was established to develop the brand. The co-branding guidelines allow for a solid brand integration process for all acquired companies and brands.

Corporate Culture — Making an Impact on the Outside and the Inside

Sika Ghana Team

The second core element of the Sika brand is personality. Sika is pioneering, team-oriented, and committed. Today, these attributes paint an accurate picture of the Sika corporate culture. The famous Sika Spirit encompasses the virtues one will find at any Sika location in the world. The common denominators of the Sika Spirit include collaboration, passion, resourcefulness, entrepreneurial mindset, drive, and an overall “family” feel that is not often found at big companies.

Building Trust

Sika successfully integrates the “Building Trust” tagline into its communications. The implications of this claim for Sika’s brand can be described as follows:

“Our business is specialty chemicals, and trust is the foundation of our success. For more than a century, we have focused on the quality of our products while constantly bringing a spirit of reinvention to the industry. We are committed to delivering reliable, innovative, and long-lasting solutions to our customers in the construction, building, and manufacturing industries. This truly represents the value and impact of the full range of Sika’s core competencies: sealing, bonding, damping, reinforcing, and protecting. We provide innovative products that add significant value, plus comprehensive services, expertise, training, and custom-designed solutions. We’re proud of our achievements and eager to prove that Sika provides a seal of quality you can rely on.

Committed to excellence.
Inspired by innovation.
Building Trust.”