Data centers present particular challenges. Sika understands these challenges and offers advice and solutions to satisfy the performance requirements of every part of a data center for both new build and refurbishment projects. Our solutions contribute to the overall performance of buildings and facilities while potentially reducing operating costs.

Sika products have been installed on over
data centers.
Sika Sarnafil roofing has been installed on over
data centers.
There are currently over
data centers located in over 120 countries.¹
billion USD will be invested in data centers by 2025.²

Sika Full Range Systems for Data Centers

Building & Roof of a data center
Sika Flooring Solutions applied on the floor of a data center
Sika Concrete Production: Cementitious material storage and ready-mix truck
Sika Emseal rooftop expansion joint in black on white cool roof at Kansas City International airport
Applying waterproofing membrane at the basement of a data center
Applying Sika Boom

1. Roofing Solutions

Sarnafil® Roof Membranes

Sarnafil® membranes are the best time tested solution to stay watertight (application by trained and registered contractors).

Sarnafil® membranes have a proven long term manufacturing experience of over 50 years.

Sarnafil® membranes are UV and fire-resistant, provide excellent wind uplift resistance and are FM approved.

Sarnafil® membranes provide a long life cycle, low environmental impact; are recyclable and LEED, Green Globes®; BBA, BREEAM®; DGNB® and NSF compliant.

Sarnafil® Mechanically Attached & Adhered Systems

Multiple Installation Options
The Sarnafil® range includes products from both installation options: Mechanically fastened or adhered.

The mechanically fastened version allows for fast application by installing fasteners and plates through the membrane seam to the approved substrate and is the economical choice. The adhered version is secured to the approved substrate using adhesive, providing the best solution for an esthetically pleasing yet robust assembly, that contours well to uniquely shaped roofs. It does not require any fastener penetration through the membrane.

The Sarnafil® mechanically attached system is an excellent option for metal or wood deck system assemblies. The Sarnafil® adhered system can be applied on steel, concrete or wood deck assemblies.

Sarnafil® Self-Adhered System

Quick & Easy
The Sarnafil® Self-Adhered System only requires a one-step pressure-sensitive “peel and stick” application process without the labor and VOC fumes associated with liquid primers and adhesives.

The Sarnafil® self-adhered system allows for a fast & robust as well as cost-competitive application in accelerating the construction schedule by eliminating the need for additional adhesives or solvents, not requiring any cure time and reducing the amount of waste.

The Sarnafil® self-adhered system can be applied to steel, wood and concrete assemblies. It is excellent for cold weather applications.

SikaShield® Bitumen - Adhered Roofing System

Safe & Secure
Self-adhered vapor barriers, base and cap sheet to provide safer and secure solution with flame-free installation.

Fast and easy bituminous solution for flammable or small areas, wooden substrates, vertical surfaces, or any other situation where torch cannot be an option.

Can be applied on steel, concrete or wood deck assemblies.

SikaShield® Bitumen - Torch-Applied Roofing System

Wide range of bituminous membranes for all types of application, uses and requirements.

Versatile option for a waterproofing system with high resistance to mechanical damages and punctures, dimensional stability and durability.

Can be applied on concrete, screeds and old bitumen coverings.

Sika® SolarMount-1 (SSM1) Roof System

PV Mounting System
Sika® SolarMount-1 is a non-penetrating system designed and engineered to perform under extreme conditions.

Sika® SolarMount-1 reduces the amount of required labor by being surface mounted via hot air welding to the Sarnafil® membrane without any penetrations. Normally, no ballast is required for installation.

Sika® SolarMount-1 is versatile and lightweight, wind tested and warranted.

Waterproofing membrane applied on a roof

2. Flooring Solutions

Sikafloor® ESD

Ultimate Protection
Products of the Sikafloor® ESD range are the best solution for electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection and control.

Low Maintenance
The Sikafloor® ESD range provides seamless coverage, is easy to clean and easy to refurbish.

The Sikafloor® ESD range is best suited for electronic server halls, data processing rooms or clean rooms containing sensitive devices

Sikafloor® Epoxy

Robust Solution
Products from the Sikafloor® epoxy range provide excellent abrasion, chemical and impact resistance and thus are suited for heavy traffic and highly demanding conditions.

Low Maintenance
The Sikafloor® epoxy range provides seamless coverage, is slip-resistant, easy to clean and customizable for a wide range of applications.

Sikafloor® epoxy is best suited for server halls, mechanical rooms, logistics and storage areas, corridors and car parks.

Sikafloor® Polyurethane

Design Freedom
With the products of the Sikafloor® polyurethane range, the only limitation is your imagination. Sikafloor® polyurethane provides a balance between comfort and toughness with superior noise reduction.

Outstanding Performance
The Sikafloor® polyurethane range is soft yet highly durable, provides excellent design options along with great scratch, wear and impact resistance. Besides that, it is also odorless and solvent-free.

Sikafloor® polyurethane is best suited for cafeteria/canteen areas, office workspaces, and lobby spaces.

Sikafloor® Concrete Sealers & Hardeners

Economic Floor Solutions
Sikafloor® concrete sealers & hardeners encompass a full range of sealers, industrial screeds, liquid hardeners, and dry shakes.

Great Performance
Sikafloor® concrete sealers & hardeners are durable and tough, provide excellent abrasion and impact resistance, come in a high variety of finishing options and provide low odor/ VOC.

Sikafloor® concrete sealers & hardeners are best suited for data halls, storage, logistical areas, and noncritical heavy-duty operations.

Sika Flooring Solutions applied on the floor of a data center

3. Concrete Solutions

Sika® Admixtures and SikaFiber®

Shrinkage Reducing, Compensating Admixtures
Sika® admixtures and SikaFiber® accelerate the construction schedule, increase the life span of the concrete slab and allow for increased joint spacing.

Save time and money: Eliminate steel reinforcement, submittals; shop drawings and installation labor. Sika® admixtures and SikaFiber® can possibly save 12 – 20% over conventional steel reinforcement slabs.

Sika® Admixtures and SikaFiber® minimize shrinkage, reduce cracking while increasing hardness, durability, and sustainability by extending the life cycle and lowering the maintenance costs of concrete slabs.

Concrete floor of data center

4. Movement Joint Solutions

Building Enclosure Systems and Fire-rated Expansion Joints

Fire-rated Joint Solutions
Sika Emseal provides continuous, watertight sealing systems with factory-fabricated transitions, intersections and changes in direction and plane.
We also offer seismic movement joint covers for floor joints including fire-rated joints for life safety assurance.

Ensures a sealed, safe and energy-efficient building envelope.
Ability to join like or dissimilar joint technologies.
Accommodates directional changes through prefabricated transitions.
Watertight, airtight and weather-resistant smoke seal.
Fast and cost-effective without mechanical anchors.
Heat-weldable and compatible with most roofing membranes.
Trafficable cover plates are anchored non-invasively.  

Roofs, below-grade, vertical walls, horizontal deck/floors, split-slab plaza/podiums and fire-rated applications.

Some systems are fire-rated up to 4 hours (UL 2079, EN 1366-4 and AS 1530).
Expansion joints have 100% three-dimensional movement capability.

Sika Emseal beige expansion joint seismic joint in stone

5. Waterproofing Solutions

Sikaproof® A+ Waterproofing System

Fully Dual Bonded System
SikaProof® A+ hybrid bonding layer offers a dual mechanical and adhesive bond.

SikaProof® A+ is a highly robust and flexible membrane whose joints can either be taped or thermally welded.

SikaProof® A+ allows for risk-reduced, easy detailing and prevents lateral water migration.

Sikaplan® Waterproofing System

Loose Laid System
Sikaplan® is a compartmentalized waterproofing system with an integrated controllable back-up system.

Sikaplan® is suitable for horizontal and vertical waterproofing applications and can be easily repaired.

Sikaplan® provides a built-in back-up injection system in case of leaks and allows for heat welded, testable joints.

Applying waterproofing membrane at the basement of a data center

6. Fire Stopping Systems

Fire Stopping / Passive Fire Protection Systems

Complete Portfolio
Sika provides products ranging from intumescent sealants, foams; boards, collars; backer rods to coatings.

The Sika compartmented fire protection systems keeps the fire in one compartment and prevents it from spreading.

The products can be used as fire stopping measures for cable ducts and other wall & floor penetrations.

Man applying fire resistant Sika foam

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