Sika Informationssysteme AG operates Sika’s global modern IT platforms, allowing our users all over the world to carry out their business processes efficiently. As a competent partner, it supports the business and the local IT organizations to develop the next generation of innovative digital solutions.

Global IT at Glance

More than
Sika employees
Their efficient work is assisted by
employees at Global IT
Using over
different application & tools
The Global IT team represents
different nationalities
They are located in
different cities

Core Activites

  • Huge variety of IT expertise covering project delivery, technical support & IT operations
  • Driving change & digital transformation
  • Global Network of Experts and access to broad Knowledge in multiple technologies
  • End-to-end project delivery capabilities from initiation to implementation, from going live to daily operations
  • Manage the technical needs of 103 different Sika countries & 33K employees every single day

Employee Focus

  • Modern working conditions with comprehensive perks and benefits & remote work opportunities
  • Global responsibility with tangible organizational impact
  • Addressing local challenges in truly international environment
  • Bottom-up approach: initiate and design the digital future

Working Environment

  • A truly international working environment across different countries, cultures, and languages
  • Modern working environment and above standard conditions for collaboration with both internal and external teams
  • Virtual tool and tech-driven ecosystem empowering innovation and efficiency

Meet the Global IT Teams

SAP, presented by Sara Fadel

Digital Workplace, presented by Filip Strenja 

Application Services, presented by Marcus Grunewald

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