MED-E-LINE Consultation Policy

Dr. J. V. A. Humphreys, MD, FICPS- Technology has impacted our lives in a marvelous way. We are no longer limited by long distances and quality health advice can be received by the touch of a button. Please read the following carefully.

  • I affirm that Dr. Humphreys is not my primary care physician and only works adjunctively with non-prescriptive treatments and advice.
  • I understand that if I am having a medical emergency then I should contact my local emergency center for help.
  • I understand the role of my healthcare provider on MED-E-LINE is only an advisory role and should not be substituted for personal medical advice.
  • I agree to pay all charges in full prior to consultation.
  • I understand that MED-E-LINE makes no guarantee or accepts no liability for such consultations. Advice offered through MED-E-LINE is used at my sole discretion.
  • I understand that consultation fees paid are non-refundable. However, this can be changed at the sole discretion of MED-E-LINE
  • I understand that unexpired consultations can be terminated immediately without notice if MED-E-LINE staff are threatened, feel threatened or are harassed in any way.
  • I agree that a consultation period starts with my first email after funds are submitted and received by MED-E-LINE.
  • I agree that at the end of a consultation period that new consultation fees must be submitted for continuation.
  • I agree that a single consultation constitutes question from patient and response by MED-E-LINE (one time only). Multiple consultations are any amount of exchange within the subject matter for the period of time.
  • I agree that single consultations are limited to one matter at a time. A “second consultation” fee must be paid for new matters arising that are not related to the initial consultation.
  • I agree that MED-E-LINE will not entertain third party consultation. If you are unable to consult personally for reasons of incapacitation or other valid reason, a notarized document granting permission should be send to MED-E-LINE, clearly authorizing a third party to consult on your behalf.
  • I agree that a consultation will not begin until I have made necessary payments for services and satisfy other requirements by MED-E-LINE.
  • I agree that consultations are reserved for weekdays only except for emergencies. However special allowances may be given.
  • I understand that there is an additional $20US charge for continuation of consultations whose time has expired past one week (for the same matter).

I am aware that submitting payment confirms that I have read and fully understand and agree to all of the aforementioned and hold MED-E-LINE, its staff and associates free from liability.